Saturday, 2 June 2012


He’s alone, but not quite, for the figures came swooping in.

Shadows. His.

Grey, hazy, but bright.

He touched his heart, and took a right step.

A leap to a patch of air, and the shadows took bait.
Swift, but always a fraction too late.
The effort they took just seemed to be too great.

His emotions, his movements.
He’s alone – but not quite.

So he tilted his head, beckoning them to follow.

A point of the finger, and the shadows chased.
This time, he could feel their haste.
But nothing, not even his shadows, could match his grace.

Another twirl, another sway.
He’s alone – but not quite.

Frustration – a few more poised steps.
Futile attempts – and a few of them left.

Whoever remained crossed behind his back.
The astounding symmetry – an epiphany.

Whatever remained mimicked his existence.
Feigning his consistence, closing the distance.

But at the end, no matter the pace, nothing could match his grace.
He’s alone – but not quite.

And at the end, they simply left –
Leaving him with truly no one but himself.

* Adapted from the slurring of a certain Writer in the Dark,
along with the twenty-third picturesque tease.

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  1. LOL I don't remember saying these things xD
    It's beautiful. You did it justice by rewriting it. <333